About us



We are HIGHNOON rental studios.
Five of which in Hamburg, one of a kind in Munich.
Waterfront meets mountainview.

We are part of KNACKSCHARF Equipment Rent, your one-stop-shop 
for all things photo, film and events. If we don’t have it you don’t want it.

State-of-the-art gear and the best vibes in town 24/7/365 since 2007.
We love and provide full-service, innovation, sustainability and respect.
No excuses. Seven days a week.

Our stuff is handpicked and handled by our staff with heart and soul
aiming to carry that spirit right into your production.
In our studios we put the feelgood into feel good.
So enjoy yourself while literally shooting karma points.
Not only do we care about you and the planet -
responsibility is our daily goal and passion.

Ole, Jörg, Christian and the whole gang are living the dream
wholeheartedly working on yours.

Take your best picture, we'll take care of the rest.